You’ll find everything you weren’t expecting here

Stretches of white and fine sand and an emerald green sea: these are the recurrent images of a Sardinia that does not quite yet know how to exhibit its invaluable treasures.

But the most observant visitor will not fail to notice the broad lagoon areas around Cagliari, important reserves for the survival of hundreds of aquatic birds; the vast forests that cover the Mountains of the Seven Brothers or of Is Cannoneris, an oasis where the Sardinian stag can reproduce, but also natural nurseries that host wild orchids, endemism and extremely rare plant species. And there’s more: Carsic caves such as those of Is Zuddas in Santadi, distinguished by aragonites reputed amongst the most beautiful in all of Europe; marine parks where coral and gorgonian abound and host multi-colored fish; deserts with “live” dunes modeled by the winds, which continuously change their outlines and shape.

Thrilling and unique, Southern Sardinia knows how to charm and entice, leaving you with memories and images that are never foregone.