A journey to understand, a myth to enchant

Far from the clamor of society news southern Sardinia deserves depth journey there are many places and scenes that open the eyes of the visitor.
Stone giants, guarding immense spaces, built in the Bronze Age and is still witnessing a daring architectural technique, Phoenician ports, cities which have become real with the Carthaginians and Romans, now partly submerged but still able to tell millennia of history.
The Mysterious Island and far, close and friendly at the same time it is ready to reveal itself to anyone who falls in love with her.


Important trading center of routes linking the major ports of the Mediterranean, Nora was founded by the Phoenicians in the eighth century BC at the foot of a hill, on a spur of land that offered shelter to the ships in three different landings. The city flourished for 1500 years, under Carthaginian and Roman.
Around the seventh century A.D. because of continuous raids by piracy from North Africa also the last inhabitants abandoned it.
A reminder of the splendor still remain major emergencies Roman imperial baths, temples, a theater and some interesting patrician houses.

Archaeological site of Nora:
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Barumini, Su Nurax

When we speak of megalithic architecture referring to the hugestone constructions of the Nuraghic era, what always comes to mind is the powerful symbol which by good reason is known quite simply as Su Nuraxi, the nuraghe for excellence.
Consisting of a main tower or keep, and four lateral towers towers oriented in the cardinal points, is the only one who has preserved also the surrounding village, with about 200 huts.
For its grandeur and importance is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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