The seasons follow one upon the other, marked by soft seductive rhythms.

The climate is mild and the sea also mitigates the harsh seasons.
Nature, pleased of this eternal spring, explodes into a thousand different flowers throughout the year.
The strong essences of the Mediterranean, the extraordinary colors and the many forms of power-generating full and generous determine immediately the feeling towards this land, who knows how to enchant and involve the earthly paradise to live in all times of the year.

Molentargius and Santa Gilla: the wetlands mirroring Bella Cagliari

The Sardinians have called this lagoon Molentargius from Molenti (donkey), in memory of pack animals carrying the product from the salt into the city.
The salt marshes characterize only part of this vast area to the east of the city, in recent decades has become the undisputed oasis of colonies of pink flamingos that have begun to nidificarvi.
The Ramsar Convention has placed among the wetlands of international importance by virtue of the presence of a large bird, with over 200 different species some of which are protected as endangered.
Even in the west, in the lagoon of Santa Gilla, colonies of water birds are many, hidden between the glasswort and other tree species lagoon.
The sunsets, the quiet of sailing small boats of the fishermen in this area offer exceptional atmosphere, a real cradle of the Phoenician Karel.